April 26, 2010

diggin’ it

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This is the second time I have been on my computer in almost three weeks.  I didn’t think it was possible for me to go this long but apparently it is and I didn’t spontaneously combust or go into DT’s.  My iphone is to blame.  I can check emails and such instantly on there so actually having to deal with dial-up again has become work.  3G has ruined me for all other forms of internet.  The only thing I can’t do (easily) on my phone is blog.  I could do it but I’d lose my mind typing a real post on such a tiny keyboard and my sanity (such as it is) is worth more than that… slightly more.  It’s not like I really have a lot to say anyway, as soon you too will note.

I’ve been gardening and yardworking like a fiend.  I am over the moon that I actually have something to work with this year.  We got a load of manure from a neighbor and I spent two days sifting it through a screen to break up the lumps and remove the rocks and sticks.  Sticks and stones won’t break my bones but wholly fuck is it backbreaking and wrist-cramping to filter them out of shit.  My dad helped me build an 8’x16’ raised bed for veggies and it’s awesome but the tough part about building any garden in this area is finding dirt to fill it.  We live in the Rocky mountains and they are indeed rocky.  There is no topsoil here, just a layer of dust that blows across the rocks.  A little birdie told me that she knew of a fellow who had some peat moss for sale and it turns out this guy is friends with my parents so I had them put in a call for some goods.  For 100$ we got a dump truck load of the most beautiful peat delivered to my back yard!  Sweet!!  I doubt anyone gets as excited about shit and dirt as I do.

So the giant new garden is full, turned and ready but I have to wait another couple weeks until we stop dipping into the negatives overnight to plant or all of my seedlings will freeze.  The seedlings that I planted in February!!  Most of them are full-on plants at this point.  My living room has become a greenhouse with over 200 plants that are eager to hit the outdoors so that they may go forth and be fruitful… or veggie-ful.  I have three different kinds of tomatoes which is funny because I am not particularly crazy about tomatoes.  There are peppers, pumpkins, three varieties of squash, gourds (I am a gourdener!) and a bunch of flowers.  I don’t usually grow flowers from seed but I swore I would not be buying annuals this year which means I had to start them myself.

I have this thing about annuals.  For those not in the gardening know, annuals are the flowers that have to be planted every year (annually!),  as opposed to perennials which return year after year making them a far wiser investment.  Annuals are lovely and showy and smell good but they remind me of strippers.  I’m like the guy who goes into the strip joint (garden center) to just have a look at all of the pretty things.  I swear I won’t spend any money on something that will only give me a small window of pleasure but once I am there I find myself shelling out for lapdance after lapdance and shoving 20’s into g-strings.  I can’t help myself, it’s a sickness!  By the time I leave I’m broke and feeling the pang of regret that I didn’t invest in a girlfriend (perennial) that would give me years of happiness instead of that sexy bitch with the big blossoms.

Wow, can I stretch a metaphor!?

The asparagus that I planted last year is popping up and it is so sweet and tender straight from the garden that it will never make it to the table.  It makes a lovely snack right out of the dirt!  My strawberries however did not fare so well over the winter.  Most of the plants are dead so I am looking to replace them.  The jury is still out on the blueberries, they don’t seem to be dead but they aren’t doing anything either… comatose maybe?  And I did some research to find out what went wrong with my raspberries last year and I think that they didn’t produce because I didn’t water them enough.  I am rectifying that this year… now I’ll probably drown the suckers.

Three weeks away from the computer and this is the best I have.  Sad for you.  ‘Specially the non-gardeners who are subjected to these filthy ramblings of a dirty girl.

We did build a fire pit in the back yard, that is exciting!  We’ve had the bricks for six years so it was well past time to put them together.  It looks a little like a well.  Actually it looks a lot like a well, maybe I will make a “Timmy” to put at the bottom of it.  We went to the lake (which is little more than mud at the moment) last weekend and kicked off camping season a month early.  It was a bit chilly but I got to rest my body and spend some time in “the library” by the fire, reading.  I am half way through Stephen King’s Under The Dome.  I am having a hard time putting it down so it must be good.  He rarely disappoints me.  Anyway before we came home from camping we stopped at a slate pile and picked up some of the flatter rocks to put around the “well” as a kind of rock patio.  It is going to take some hard work to get it all leveled and set in sand but it will hopefully look less like something baby Jessica could get stuck in by the time we’re done.

In other news, we may be the last people in the damn country to do so but we are finally getting our passports.  No plan (or money) to go anywhere yet but hopefully someday and when the finances become available we want to be ready.  It’s not all that complicated but it’s certainly a pain in the ass, I didn’t know what to put for hair color, I don’t even know what my natural hair color is anymore!

I think that’s it.  I hope nobody has cardiac arrested from all of the excitement.

One little story before I go.

Nana is still kicking and just when we think she’s checking out, she springs back.  They play a weekly Bingo game in the home where she lives and usually she is too out of it to play but last week she sat in on the game.  She stamped her card as the numbers were drawn and excitedly she shouted “Bingo!”

The lady across from her said, “No dear, you stamped a number that wasn’t called, you don’t have a Bingo.”

To which my Nana replied, “Fuck you!”

She might be losing her shit (literally) but bless the woman for being able to hold her expletives.



  1. Moominboy said,

    Go Nana! 😀

    I know nothing about gardening but having one’s own fire pit must be very handy.

    You… you do know that your computer misses you when you are away from it? Perhaps even cries a bit? *guilttrips* 😉

  2. You are not the last person to get your passports…I haven’t even bothered yet and I live on the border..haha.

    Your garden sounds beautiful ben! I can’t wait to get to work on mine and I wish I had planted seeds like you did. Maybe next year.

    I am glad you are enjoying yourself, that’s what it’s all about! Take care!

  3. heartinhand said,

    We were going to have a fire the other night but it’s still a bit chilly out there for everyone’s (but my own) taste. Because it’s been so nice, people are just antsy to get out but it snowed two days ago a half hour from us, so I’m not going to go bananas yet. Derwood thinks I should summer-fallow this year anyway, to make more time for camping. LOL! How can I skip beans though?

    We should go somewhere with our passports!

  4. Ryan Starr said,

    Best stretched metaphor ever. Beware the sexy bitch with the big blossoms!

  5. elisa said,

    I thoroughly enjoyed your metaphor 🙂 It is SO TRUE!! (coz I do the same thing … *shame shame*). Try planting some jasmine. They’re really fragrant and are perennials. They do quite well even over the winter in Dubai, but I don’t know how’d they do in Canadian winters though.. you would prolly need to bring it inside once it starts frosting. You will LOVE the smell.

    I wanna see pictures of the vegetable patch!
    When we moved to this new house there was already something growing in the vegetable patch in the backyard. The kids had fun trying to guess what plant it was. It finally bore fruit a few days ago, and we’re delighted to discover it’s an eggplant! We’re not like huge fans of eggplants and we don’t hate them either, but we’re delighted anyways 🙂
    Your asparagus got me drooling !

  6. ulla said,

    I love your nana!!!!

  7. Lady Visine said,

    Okay – so it’s a hundred years since you posted this & I finally have returned to the blogsphere. I can picture your lovely Nana giving that other old bag a huge dose of “whatfer!”. LOL

    I love the annuals, but usually prefer perennials, so I won’t have to redo the work later. Ya, call me lazy. Love your metaphoric self. Love you too!

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